You can take back control of your life from collection agencies — even if you have already been sued.


Your Rights

Although, it may not seem like it, you do have some rights when dealing with debt collectors.  Those rights can become quite valuable if you have been sued. The primary Federal statute regulating the actions of debt collectors is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. For more information on the FDCPA, click here.

You’ve Been Sued

If you’ve been sued on an old collection or credit card account. First of all, don’t panic. Just because you’ve been sued, doesn’t mean you have lost. It doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t win. It just means that the process has started and you will have to participate in order to protect yourself and your interests. For more information on how to protect yourself if you have been sued, click here.

What to Expect

Most people’s only experience with lawsuits is what they see on tv. Not surprisingly, reality is nothing like Boston LegalFor an idea of what to expect from the process if you decide to defend a collection case click here.